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Still waiting.....

sunny 22 °C

We are still residing in our luxurious campervan (which needs a shower fitted so that Vicki can maintain that precious shine in her dazzling purple Timotei hair) but have found a leisure centre where it is free to swim which also implies free hot showers!

When eating that delicious golden breaded chicken patty topped with cheese, sizzling bacon, crisp lettuce and sweet juicy pineapple a.k.a. The Hawaiian BK Chicken, when in Burger King this afternoon; we felt a lovely warm tingling sensation inside. It had nothing to do with the food we were eating, but everything to do with the many lengths we swam prior to eating at BK :)

We haven’t really been up to much, just trying to sort out visas and work permits so that we can start work and earn some dollars! We went to the Coromandel ( http://www.thecoromandel.com/media.html ) on the weekend, very spectacular indeed! When the batteries have charged up we will upload the pics on the blog and FB.

My job is based in Devonport, a lovely little peninsula in Auckland. Vicki loves the place and wants us to buy a property there; the only problem is you need to be a millionaire as the houses (well villas) are in the million dollar category! However we still thought it would be a great place to live so we put an offer on a rental property which is a 15 minute walk from my work so hopefully the landlord will accept the low offer we made.

Here are some pics of Devonport that some person has posted on the web: http://www.galenfrysinger.com/nz_devonport.htm

Iron Man 2 btw is an excellent movie! Best film I have seen this year... really funny. As we were entering the cinema some random guy asked us if we had bought tickets to see a film, we hadn’t so we told him “not yet” he then replied, “Here’s a gift, enjoy the movie!” whilst handing us a cinema gift card which was in credit for $30 NZD so we watched the film free :) what a lovely guy.

Well that’s all for now folks....

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A quick update!

18 °C

I wasn't expecting to get two job offers within the first week and a half of being here but it's nice to feel wanted! I potentially could have received two more job offers but I declined the second interviews....

I had to choose between living in Auckland or Wellington, working for the NZDF or Fujitsu so it was a real touch choice to make! Fujitsu offered me more cash plus a company car doing an exciting consultancy role, but I decided for now I would try the NZDF, plus their gym on site with all the free fitness classes was rather appealing to my sporty nature! Plus I can rent out a boat, yacht and lots of other cool stuff very cheaply! I think I mentioned free flights around NZ .

We now have to do the medical tests and police checks (I'm a little girl when it comes to visiting doctors & hospitals etc so not really looking forward to it!) , assuming they don't discover my felonious past and the health checks go ok, it should take between 1-2 months before we can start work.

I’m hoping to apply for a skilled migrant visa but as they are taking ages at the moment to process these, I think I may have to settle for a work permit instead and apply for residency at a later date.

We’re loving NZ, missing friends and family but looking forward to reuniting up with loved ones! Hopefully soon we shall be settled and then we can start making holiday arrangements!

au revoir for now

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Thank you NZDF for the job offer!!

sunny 18 °C

Living in luxurious hotels can be such a drag so we decided to get a campervan so that our wild hog natures could be free to roam NZ... Ok for those who like the truth; we couldn’t really afford the millionaire lifestyle; taxis were too expensive, public transport isn’t our bag baby! Now we have a mobile home which is fantastic for the short-term, and long-term it means we can tour NZ on our weekends now that I have a job offer :)

NZDF has offered me a job so hopefully my wife and I will be able to obtain permanent residency but we’ll have to wait and see.

We park our campervan next to the sea each night and it’s just awesome, we go to sleep hearing the ocean whilst gazing up at the stars through the moon roof. In the morning we get to see the sunrise when taking the dog for a lovely walk along the shore.....

Unfortunately we are relying upon public internet access at the moment, this computer doesn’t have a card reader and my camera needs batteries so I can’t upload the pics, but hopefully soon you will see them!

We were reunited with Musto on the weekend! We’re all very happy and he seems to love living on the beach :)Hopefully soon my wife will write something on this blog (If I can disengage her from Facebook) as she’s a natural writer, I just don’t know what I’m doing here!

à bientôt

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Job Front...

20 °C

Dear All

Yesterday I had an interview with a company called http://www.gen-i.co.nz it went well so I hope I get through to the second interview stage where I will be bored for 2 hours doing a technical exam :( If I get through that there will be a third interview working with the team for half a day to see if they like me, and to see how I fit in.... So a lot of work to secure that job role which is based in either Auckland or Christchurch (I have a choice where I would like to work for this baby!)

I have a second interview scheduled for today with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), I had a really kind e-mail from them stating that I would be suitable for any IT role they have but my visa status and the time it would take to get me the security clearence I need could go against me obtaining the role, but we'll have wait and see! I really like the sound of this job so I hope I get it.

I have an interview this afternoon for an IT consultancy firm, this role is also based in Christchurch but my interview will be conducted in their Auckland office! I can't even remember what the job role is now so the interview is going to be quite funny, "So Wayne, tell us why you want this job?", "Very good and direct question. Please could you give me a copy of the job role as I haven't a clue what you will be expecting from me!"

Fujitsu have offered me an interview in Wellington, so I have asked them if they would be happy to do a Skype interview to save us travelling costs. I'm waiting to hear back from a school in Wellington, but as it's the Easter holidays I might have to wait a while before they get in touch.

I really really need a job and hope I get one soon, my wife, Musto and I depend on it :)

S'il vous plaît me donner un emploi


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The Arduous 26+ hour Journey!

sunny 12 °C

Snores are vibrating the lampshades! It’s 7:00am on Easter Sunday and my lovely beautiful wife is fast asleep. I on the other hand force myself to wake up so that I can make the most of the remaining last hours with my parents.
I stagger into the living room to hear the sound of more snoring... but this time it’s my mother! Without hesitation I use a slipper to wake her, payback for all those childhood slipperings!

I’m directed to the kitchen to find a nicely prepared full English breakfast! But I can’t eat, hunger has abandoned me and nausea has taken residence. I’m compelled to go to the bathroom as my body is trying to regurgitate an empty stomach :( anxiety and stress were taking their toll and it was very hard to try and put on a brave face. Some people frown upon disorder but in these circumstances being unorganised helped us focus mentally on other things, such as finding accommodation for when we arrive!

So we make it to the airport in good time, family see us off with a Mexican wave. Surprisingly everyone on the surface appears to be happy and excited; apart from airport security who takes my wife aside to be scanned for dangerous objects (any excuse to get up close and personal with a very beautiful lady!). My flight bag gets emptied and put through the x-ray device for the second time; Alan’s jokes about my computer junk appearing as an explosive device finally become a reality. We eventually clear security to then have to literally slog a mile to board the plane. I’ve heard of airlines trying to save fuel but that was ridiculous! Come on Heathrow airport get it sorted!!

The 12 hour flight to LA was quite pleasant; still can’t believe how great plane food tastes! Before we boarded my crazy ass sister in-law recommended watching ‘The Hurt Locker’ which just happened to be the first film I watched on the plane :) great movie! Claire I didn’t realise you were in charge of the movie selection for AirNZ!

Whilst half awake (or half asleep whatever expression you prefer) in LA airport (UK time is 4:15am) I noticed a sign that was attached to a food and drink counter which we of course ate from that stated something like, ‘behind this point contains chemicals that are known by the state of California to cause cancer, reproduction problems and some other bad news’ I didn’t realise Walkers crisps were so unhealthy! But seriously if anyone has any idea as to what that sign was alluding to please enlighten me.

The last time we entered NZ the airport customs people were really intimidating with their 101 questions. This time we came prepared! We did a lot of rehearsing for the anticipated crime scene interrogation like that off the latest Batman movie however we were bitterly disappointed, no questions were asked at all! Instead we were told to enjoy our holiday :)

We then collected our bags (loved the cute dogs that were bouncing around as they sniffed peoples bags / suitcases) and went on through to quarantine control where Musto’s lead was washed, his medication checked over... security had finished doing their checks yet, we then had to put all of our bags and suitcases through the x-ray scanner before we could depart the airport.

We arrived at the hotel around 6:00ambut the room would not be ready until 10:00am so we killed time on the internet (nothing new) had breakfast and chillaxed on the sofas in the hotel lobby. During the morning we watched a Super 14 rugby match, had some lunch (roast beef / roast pork sarnies with gravy) and then crashed out till the next morning.

So that’s more info than needed about the arduous journey to NZ.

les carottes sont cuites

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