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Wayne - Good Friday - UK

2 more sleeps until departure

rain 8 °C

Dear Friends

The weather’s bleak and I’m feeling rather despondent, missing my Worcester family whilst living in the fricken ghetto (Gloucester). It’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve lived at home; Mother’s affection, care and love, making it harder each minute to face the inevitable departure on Easter Sunday.

It’s Good Friday! The majority of people in the UK will not be celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whatever your views may be, there’s no doubt that the Christian faith has impacted the world.

We’ve left all of our home comforts behind looking forward to the unknown. Pilgrims on an extraordinary journey seeking to obtain a better quality of life, hoping to be in a better position to provide / care for loved ones. Apart from family reasons, I can’t see why anyone would want to live on a small confused island adjacent to the French that hosts 60 million people (60% illegally) with consistently poor weather, extortionate living costs, not to mention the disappearing culture and national identity, but I digress...

This week I had a very long interview with the NZDF (New Zealand Defence Force) over Skype; I hope I get the job due to the many perks on offer, one of those being free flights (including family) around NZ. Fujitsu also showed an interest, along with a large telecoms company, some IT Consultancies and potentially a boarding school in Wellington, but we’ll see what happens. Will be very, very grateful to receive any job offer at this point in time!

I haven’t a clue where we’re going to reside once entering Auckland, but the 2 berth Wanderer campervan looks like a viable short-term option for me, my wife and Musto. I miss playing head, shoulders, paws and claws, paws and claws with our little baby who’s in the kennels, waiting to traverse the globe next Friday.

Well it’s my first attempt at writing a memoir and something is telling me I shouldn’t have quit my day job.

Bon appetit!


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