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The Arduous 26+ hour Journey!

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Snores are vibrating the lampshades! It’s 7:00am on Easter Sunday and my lovely beautiful wife is fast asleep. I on the other hand force myself to wake up so that I can make the most of the remaining last hours with my parents.
I stagger into the living room to hear the sound of more snoring... but this time it’s my mother! Without hesitation I use a slipper to wake her, payback for all those childhood slipperings!

I’m directed to the kitchen to find a nicely prepared full English breakfast! But I can’t eat, hunger has abandoned me and nausea has taken residence. I’m compelled to go to the bathroom as my body is trying to regurgitate an empty stomach :( anxiety and stress were taking their toll and it was very hard to try and put on a brave face. Some people frown upon disorder but in these circumstances being unorganised helped us focus mentally on other things, such as finding accommodation for when we arrive!

So we make it to the airport in good time, family see us off with a Mexican wave. Surprisingly everyone on the surface appears to be happy and excited; apart from airport security who takes my wife aside to be scanned for dangerous objects (any excuse to get up close and personal with a very beautiful lady!). My flight bag gets emptied and put through the x-ray device for the second time; Alan’s jokes about my computer junk appearing as an explosive device finally become a reality. We eventually clear security to then have to literally slog a mile to board the plane. I’ve heard of airlines trying to save fuel but that was ridiculous! Come on Heathrow airport get it sorted!!

The 12 hour flight to LA was quite pleasant; still can’t believe how great plane food tastes! Before we boarded my crazy ass sister in-law recommended watching ‘The Hurt Locker’ which just happened to be the first film I watched on the plane :) great movie! Claire I didn’t realise you were in charge of the movie selection for AirNZ!

Whilst half awake (or half asleep whatever expression you prefer) in LA airport (UK time is 4:15am) I noticed a sign that was attached to a food and drink counter which we of course ate from that stated something like, ‘behind this point contains chemicals that are known by the state of California to cause cancer, reproduction problems and some other bad news’ I didn’t realise Walkers crisps were so unhealthy! But seriously if anyone has any idea as to what that sign was alluding to please enlighten me.

The last time we entered NZ the airport customs people were really intimidating with their 101 questions. This time we came prepared! We did a lot of rehearsing for the anticipated crime scene interrogation like that off the latest Batman movie however we were bitterly disappointed, no questions were asked at all! Instead we were told to enjoy our holiday :)

We then collected our bags (loved the cute dogs that were bouncing around as they sniffed peoples bags / suitcases) and went on through to quarantine control where Musto’s lead was washed, his medication checked over... security had finished doing their checks yet, we then had to put all of our bags and suitcases through the x-ray scanner before we could depart the airport.

We arrived at the hotel around 6:00ambut the room would not be ready until 10:00am so we killed time on the internet (nothing new) had breakfast and chillaxed on the sofas in the hotel lobby. During the morning we watched a Super 14 rugby match, had some lunch (roast beef / roast pork sarnies with gravy) and then crashed out till the next morning.

So that’s more info than needed about the arduous journey to NZ.

les carottes sont cuites

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