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The weather's getting nice aye!!!

23 °C

Greetings All,

We’ve come back from having a lovely weekend break in the Bay of Islands, the weather was beautiful, the scenery was spectacular, the dolphins were cool, going on the famous 'hole in the rock tour' proved that the brochure wasn’t lying, there is indeed a hole in that rock! We have hundreds of pictures to be posted so when we prepare them for Facebook we’ll upload them here as well, so if it pleases the jury watch this space!

Yesterday evening we were privileged enough to taste authentic Chinese food (not the sweetened stuff you have in restaurants) prepared by our Asian friends and it tasted delicious!!!!

The weather's getting really nice now, it was between 20-23c this past weekend, today was even hotter, in fact it felt a little too hot for us, not sure how we’ll cope with summer :) It’s supposed to stay nice all week but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I'm on an Exchange 2010 Server training course this week which probably doesn’t mean much to most people who follow this blog but it gets me out of the office which is always good. Plus I get to eat lots of cake, biscuits, free lunches along with the pleasure of escorting my beautiful wife home on the ferry, so not bad aye....

I mentioned in the last update that I had an interview, I’m now pleased to say I got the job!! However taking the job requires us to make some tough decisions regarding what area to move to, making sure musto is cared for properly, whether it will be practical for vicki to continue working where she currently does, so it's going to be a bit of a frustrating time while we try and decide what to do but we'll keep you posted.

Before I forget Vicki's had a nice new hairstyle and highlights. I think it looks really groovy baby yeah but Vicki doesn’t like the colour or how the wind torments her toupee but that’s women for you being fussy!

It’s hard to know what to write about these days, don’t really want to turn this blog into a big brother affair as our lives are not that interesting as you can painfully see! It would be cool to one day be able to write about our kids, and post cool pictures of them on here but we can only dream, hopefully one day it will happen.

I’m off to bed now; need my sleep to prepare for all the cakes I’m going to eat tomorrow so:
Good night,
sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
If they do, do a pooh,
Put it in a Cornish stew,
Into the ambulance, dring, dring, dring,
Fish Trousers Elephant
In Peking
Saw a Busy bee, diddle diddle dee,
Daddy's an accountant, just like me.
Good night God bless.

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Not much to report...

14 °C

Greetings earthlings!

My wife has finally got an electric piano, I know it's not a grand piano but seriously who can afford one of those things? Not to mention the space issue! Anyway she's happy for now, although she has mentioned the need for an Apple Mac and expressed her desire to do music production at uni, so if anyone has any spare cash please send it to us!

I'm just getting over a cold; Vicki seems to have caught it :( I tell her to stay away from me but she just can’t resist me; gets too close and then breathes in my germs! On the weekend some crazy ass dog got Musto by the neck and started shaking him around like a rag doll, it was horrible to watch and we're fortunate he survived it without any injuries.

Vicki got called into work early yesterday morning to cover for another staff member, her boss gave us some free cinema tickets to say thank you :) We watched the Sorcerer’s Apprentice which was ok, but we'd seen everything else at the movies so what else can you do???

I had a second interview yesterday for another firm, it's between me and some other fellow, the interview lasted for 3.5 hours. Having a cold, sounding like Donald Duck and looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer could have only improved my chances.

We're hoping to move to a different area within Auckland in order to be closer to a nice group of friends that we’ve made. Living where we are now is great for the views, and location but we don't really know many people in this area so for social reasons we've decided to change area.

We've got a Navy open day on the weekend (yippee) and Vicki's been excited all week about the opportunity to explore the ships, she's made me feel a bit like a parent being invited into a school for 'show and tell', this is what daddy does for a living :) I hope she has fun!

Well it's roughly 12:45pm and there isn’t much else to report on. I should have gone to bed a while ago  Just to remind you guys that summer starts in December, the hottest months are in Jan & Feb so feel free to book your plane tickets, we'll put you up!

Bye for now pals

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A quick boring update!

Wow, this is garbage! You actually like this??? Probably not but Despicable Me is an awesome film, watch it!! I'm sure you will enjoy it.

The footy season started a few weeks ago, so far it's been very disappointing for Man Utd, dropped points at Fulham, after missing a penalty and allowing them to equalise in the last few minutes, same story away to Everton, last two minutes of injury time, they manage to scrape two goals back... unbelievable! I just can't take the stress any more, which is why I (we) are turning to surfing :) We've got some quotes for some surfing lessons, so when the sea warms up a little bit, we'll be aiming to immerse ourselves into the Kiwi lifestyle dudes, trying to catch some killer waves! Well we can dream at least :0)

Not much to report, Vicki has managed to get her work permit through, I think immigration couldn't be bothered to wait for Vicki to actually complete the third set of blood tests, so they just decided to grant the permit, very odd behaviour but we're not complaining!

Vicki has had a rather successful day in the work place, it all started when she won ‘loud shirt day – its sooo fluffy!!’ everyone at her work had to wear something colourful and crazy, Vicki just dressed normally and came first place! In the evening her work organised a fun cooking event, don’t quote me on this but I think it was called ‘ready steady cook, I’m not Japanese so get me the hell out of this kitchen’ anyway some chef divided the work force into different teams and got them cooking some Kung Fu sushi dishes! Sounded like a lot of fun, and of course the beauty queen’s team won again :-) pictures coming soon so watch this space!

About NZ, well its fricken awesome, come out and see for yourselves :) FYI we've got a storm approaching, the size of Australia apparently, all I know is that it scared the crap out of me when crossing the harbour bridge earlier!

I hope the next update will be more exciting, hopefully soon we'll upload some pictures, although FYI, this blog site sucks for uploading pictures!

Well it’s 1:35am here, my bedtime! Lots of love from NZ! Have a fantastic day aye...

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Congratulations Wifey...

Vicki got a job!!!

rain 14 °C

One of these days my wife will actually write one of these blog entries, I'm not lying!!

It's 2:50am in the morning here and I should have gone to bed a long-time ago but there's something magical going on with Musto's snoring which is keeping me awake, he's such a cute dog :) it amazes me how he sleeps with his eyes open but anyway I'm digressing.

Vicki's exciting news! She took an aptitude test for a large global shipping company, being the only person who could actually pass the test meant an instant job offer :) they were so impressed with her that they’ve made it a permanent job too :) It’s supposed to be a reception job but they’ve got her doing some admin work. She’s enjoying it so far and loves travelling to work by the ferry!

It’s all about Vicki this blog post :) she’s actually thinking about going to uni to do a music degree, we need to get on top of our finances and work something out but this would be really exciting for Vicki so watch this space!
Due to the incompetence of the emigration support workers, Vicki’s got to provide another blood test  Hopefully soon they will have most of her blood and won't be requiring anymore from her. Assuming they are happy with the next set of tests her work permit should come through. If all goes well, we could have our permanent visas in a few months time, we’ll keep you guys posted.

I can’t really think of much else to say, oh, we bought a nice sofa a few weeks ago, and we are hoping to get a washing machine that works this weekend :0) Will try and upload some pics soon.

Bye for now, thanks for reading....

PS. If you're wanting to visit NZ, Jan and Feb will be the best time weather wise for you.

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Sweet Home Alabama...

overcast 15 °C

It’s been a while, too long in fact and everything is just happening so quickly for us! We are staying in a cute little furnished property which has an outdoor swimming pool and BBQ but unfortunately the property is too small for our long-term needs (even though it's 10 times more spacious than the dilapidated campervan which is parked outside so try working that one out).

We've found a 2 bedroom apartment which overlooks the sea, and it's on the same road as the beach, the ferry port, the navy base ( so will need to be really creative when it comes to excuses for being late) a footy pitch and tennis courts so an ideal location for us both :)

Vicki’s work-permit has been delayed :( immigration are being really fussy over an iron deficiency, so hopefully this third blood test will appease the money hungry immigration panel. I on the other hand started work a few weeks ago. So far it’s going ok and I’ve been asked to take the lead on a major project which is exciting but also nerve racking as If it goes wrong for me I could be court marshalled on national television so watch this space or CNN whichever’s more convenient for you.

My lovely wife celebrated her 30th Birthday not so long ago, a special thanks to all the people who made it special, especially friends and family from the UK for the lovely cards and gifts that were sent.

I was hoping England’s World Cup efforts would be worth writing about I’m struggling to jot down anything positive! But then I read this quote below which really made me chuckle:-

"The England team visited an orphanage today "It’s great to put a smile on the faces of people with no hope & facing the impossible" said Jamal - aged 6”

Thanks for reading!

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